A blog post a day.

I’ve felt very little creative inspiration, lately, and I know why. Like most people living with anxiety and depression, I need structure in my days, routine. Going to bed in the evening and waking up every morning at the same time. Start the day with a good, long breakfast and some music. This always worked to put me in a good mood, and when you feel good things happen. But because of my current situation, this isn’t always possible. Almost never.

So I’m very often extremely unfocused and slow, foggy. I still sit at my desk and draw every day, but I lack inspiration and motivation. I sit no matter what because I live by Pablo Picasso’s quote:

‘inspiration exists, but it has to find you working’

A blog post a day.

And while sitting and drawing help me feel like I’m not wasting my time, drawing is difficult.

The last two years have been hard in terms of loss and grief. And not being able to go for a swim, or to a museum, or whatever, because of Covid, has taken a toll on my anxiety.

I need something to occupy my mind. Something that isn’t my little business, something that isn’t my cats, something that I can do easily and with little effort, but every day. Something that gives me a sense of accomplishment.

So, I thought of this little blog that I have. And I remembered how Austin Kleon wrote a blog post a day as an experiment to keep his creativity flowing. And to keep himself focused, centered.

Inspired by this, I challenged myself in writing – and publishing, of course – a blog post a day, from today until the end of the year. It’s only a little over two months but I really want to see what happens, what, and if it creates a sparkle in my creativity. If it generates more ideas.

Naturally, there will be days in which I’ll write a lot, days in which I’ll write less. And even days in which I won’t write at all and I’ll just post pictures. And I won’t even re-read what I’ll write, because the goal here isn’t to produce something perfect but to MAKE SOMETHING. To have something steady, something that will make me feel more grounded.

In all this, I’ll try to have fun, because the goal of the goals is to keep my mood up.

See you tomorrow.

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