books of 2021


I love making lists and keeping track of things. It gives me a pleasure I can’t explain. Last night, while in bed, I thought writing a list of all the books I’ll read this year would be fun. I am on Goodreads and I keep it updated, but I need something more personal.

I have always been an avid reader, but in the last few years, many things have changed. My love for books is as strong as ever, but I had to reorganize my life, and reading time was difficult to fit in.

I bought a Kindle Fire at Christmas in 2019, and it helped me a lot to read a bit more. When you are tired, not having to deal with the weight of a big book helps. Also, I think it’s super relaxing to use in bed. All the lights turned out, only the soft Kindle light on… it’s bliss.

I still love and buy paper books. But space in my home is being scarce. I gave away a lot of books I liked little and kept only the ones I love. Which are many! So now I read fiction on my Kindle first, and I only buy the physical book if I really, really loved it. I love to see the titles of the books I loved all lined up on my bookshelves.

In reading, I am a total omnivore. So you’ll see a lot of variety in this list. This also because of the 0,99 € Kindle editions. I’m reading a lot of silly stuff because of this, and it’s good. Reading just for fun, it’s good.

All right, here we go!

Books of 2021

The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith – That’s it, I’m really done with gurus. This book was a waste of my time. Not because it was bad, but because it didn’t really add anything to what I already know. A bit of a broken record.

The Queen’s Gambit – I LOVED this book. I haven’t seen the series, but it can’t be as good as the book.

Storie di sfigati che hanno spaccato il mondo – This was fun. It’s basically about very famous people who were considered losers and had everything against them, but ultimately became super successful and changed history.

As a man Thinketh: I’m lacking motivation, focus and faith in my possibilities. Something that happens in cycles to me. Whenever I go through these phases, I hit the self-help section of the bookshop. This is a bit dated but still good. I love how James Allen, the author, let this book out for free. He wanted to spread positivity. It’s a little too religious, but the message is clear. It’s also a quick read.

Un gomitolo aggrovigliato è il mio cuore: Vita di Etty Hillesum: This is a story of Etty Hillesum, a Dutch Jewish writer who could have avoided the concentration camp, but refused to be saved to share the destiny and the suffering of her people.

The Danish Girl: I haven’t seen the movie if not after I finished the book, but I thought about Eddie Redmayne the whole time. Not a bad thought. I loved it and it’s a story worth reading, even if it’s not a biography but a story loosely inspired by Lili Elbe’s life.

Tutto chiede salvezza: A story about a young man, his mental illness, his experience in a mental hospital, and what he learns from it. It’s autobiographical. And very moving.

The Subtle art of not giving a fuck: I listened to this on Audible as I wasn’t sure it was my thing. I have mixed emotions about it and I found a lot of it to be boring and obnoxious, but I loved the ending. I can see what concept the author wanted to pass through this book’s construction. The feeling you have while you are reading it is like when you listen to someone’s unsolicited advice. Fastidious. But the end leaves you with a positive vibe.