I’ll always save cats and dogs. Meet Alice.

Sometimes I really believe I chose the wrong career. Everything feels too difficult for me more times than not. I overthink, I let myself be swallowed by ‘what ifs’ and all kinds of doubts. I’m my worst enemy, and I’m in a constant war with myself.

One thing comes ‘easy’ and doesn’t cause me any doubts or fear: saving cats and dogs. No matter how painful it can get, no matter how much I’m still suffering from PTSD for all the things I saw, if I see an animal in need of help, I just can’t turn the other way.

So, welcome to the Cat Cottage Gang, Alice.

save cats and dogs.

The last ten years have been really tough in terms of losses. I lost most of my relatives and all my cats. With Matilde’s death last June, the last member of the original Cat Cottage Gang has gone. Last year wasn’t hard only because of Covid for me. I lost Susanna and Amelia on my birthday, suddenly. It was unexpected and traumatic. I am still recovering from the pain. But life goes on and so do I. I’m re-emerging, slowly, but I am. And, as I said, no matter how much I’m in pain, I’ll always save cats and dogs.

So welcome, little Alice, I needed you more than you needed me.