Christmas illustrations and moving forward.

The Christmeows kitties illustration | Cat Cottage Design

Christmas is just around the corner, and as always, I am late. Every year I plan in making a good amount of Christmas merchandise, and every year I fail.

Hopefully, this year is going to be a little better. My ideas are clearer, I am more organized, and I have a few projects in mind for the future of my small business, that I am already putting into practice. I feel creative and inspired.

This is the main reason why I moved the blog here, on this new domain. I can’t tell you much about my project because I have no idea if I’ll be able to put it together, but I’m trying, I’m confident, and it feels good.

In the meantime, I have re-opened my store. It’s been off on vacation for a longer time than I had planned, but now it’s back and I’m getting it ready for Christmas.

Actually, I’m getting it ready for CHRISTMEOWS, as it’s the only kind of Christmas I celebrate.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen the Christmeows illustrations. The first one, up here on this post, is already available on a couple of items, and I am editing the other two as we speak. They all will be up and ready to be purchased soon, so keep an eye on the shop.

On another note, I am sad to announce that cold weather has arrived. It’s not really winter yet, but I had to turn on the heating inside at Cat Cottage and it’s always a very sad moment for me. Shorter days, no garden time, hibernation. I know summer will be here in no time, though. Winter feels infinite and never-ending, but it’s actually the shortest season! And if I can keep up this level of inspiration, it’s probably going to be a very productive and fun winter.

In order to make peace with this season and make the most of it outside my projects, I’m enjoying a lot of couch time. I have never been much in front of the tv, but I don’t know, maybe it’s age, but I find it relaxing lately. It’s probably also because watching tv is not as passive as it was before. With all the streaming apps available, tv time is actually a nice thing to look forward to.

I’m probably going to binge a lot of Christmas movies and cartoons soon!

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

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