I’m Bobbi Arbore. I’m an illustrator at Cat Cottage Design. This website is where I come to have fun, collect visual inspirations and things I like.

Remember what blogs were like in the early 2000? They were fun! People used them to share their inspirations, what they liked, what they were passionate about, and connect with others. Then social media arrived and all got lost. Many stopped blogging and moved their whole activity to Instagram or Facebook. I always thought it was a stupid thing to do. Why would you share your work, pictures, and personal thoughts on a platform you don’t own and have no control over?

I had a blog too. Then, when everyone began posting on social media, I got an account on Facebook first, and on Instagram later. But there was something that was always missing.

Blogging has been like therapy to me. I started a blog in a very insecure time: the company I had been working for almost nine years and for which I changed city, home, and friends, was about to close down. I was about 38, I was single, with no savings, no other sources of income, and I had no idea of what to do. I had a head full of very confusing dreams and while I knew I had to find a job – any job -very quickly, I also knew I wanted to make a real shift in my life. But I didn’t know what to do.

Coming from a complicated life, growing up in survival mode, had me put my dreams in a corner and forget all about them. I grew up believing that what I really wanted was not be possible for me, so I never really even tried to make my dreams come true. I aimed and shot at plan B – or maybe even C – without even knowing it. I did what people thought I could have done, not what I really wanted. At one point I rebelled and risked it all – shocking people – but still not aiming at what I wanted – because I forgot what it was.

It was my blog that made me remember my dreams. Collecting images, inspirations, and thoughts, my dream began to reshape. My ideas got clearer because I saw them in the pictures I was posting and in the things I was writing. It took me another couple of fails to finally do what I always wanted – drawing for a living and working from home – but I am finally where I always wanted to be. At Cat Cottage.

Yes, Cat Cottage really exists, it is my home. It’s full of cats because animals are my passion and my inspiration and because I rescue strays.

It’s all as I wanted it to be – or very close to – there was just one thing that was missing. Blogging like it was 2009.

And voilĂ ! Here’s a blog 2009 style.

Welcome At Cat Cottage!