Hi, I’m Bobbi.

Hello! My name is Bobbi and I am an illustrator and designer.

I’m bad at writing bios. I know I should use this space to promote myself and try to be interesting. The truth is, I’m am not exceptionally interesting. Or at least I don’t think I am. The only exceptional thing about me is the vet bill I seem to be always paying.

Let’s go straight to the things I like, maybe it’s the only way to make something out of this space.

Well, I love animals. I’m a rescuer, hence the vet bills. I live with five indoor cats, two dogs, and five outdoor cats. Cat Cottage is lost in the middle of nowhere, there are no cars or dangers here so the outdoor cats are safe.

I am Italian, sort of. I was born in Italy and always lived here, but my roots are scattered all over Europe. I’m partly Irish and always felt an attraction to English which I studied by myself, so excuse all the errors you’ll find here.

I love books. I am always wearing old shoes and my t-shirts are usually full of mended holes because I hate to shop. When I say I go shopping, it means I am going to the bookstore or to the music store. If I am awake, there is some music playing. Who am I kidding, I play music to fall asleep too. Yes, music is my obsession.

I love movies, with a soft spot for classics, history and costume films. I love history.  Everything that is related to the past fascinates me. I hate to go shopping because there are no long dresses with corsets in stores nowadays. Today’s fashion is boring.

I’m curly and I cut my own hair. I just pull my hair into a high ponytail, then I slide the elastic band to the point I want to cut and I cut it. I do it with attention, love, and care, not as a depressed teenager who self-punishes herself. I chose to be my own hairdresser because there is apparently no living hairstylist that doesn’t want to make me look like Bon-Jovi in the eighties.

I’m single. I still have to find a guy who likes someone who cuts her own hair or wears a t-shirt with holes. Or maybe I can’t find such a guy because I have never searched for him. And maybe I have never searched for him because I know I’d never find him since my standards are pretty high. Take Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice (the BBC version with Colin Firth), add a good dose of Paul Newman, some Michael Fassbender here and there, mix it all and, ta-da, you have my perfect man. Yes, I know, I’ll die a spinster.

Welcome to Cat Cottage!