New cat prints and life at the office.

I’ll never understand how can people be in offices all day long without feeling in like in a jail.

This bohemian girl – me – recently accepted a part-time job at an insurance company.

What was I thinking?

It’s just a few hours a week so I thought it wasn’t going to compromise my mental health.

But it does!

It’s all gray walls and gray tables and gray windows…I get in that office and have suicidal thoughts (just kidding, obviously) and I get out like I have been in jail for thirty years.

The moment I step out the door I breathe deeply and I think ‘yes, freedom!’ like I’ve been locked inside for ages when it’s only been for two hours or three at the most.

I may sound absurd, but we’re not all the same. I know people would love this job. Well, actually they are left with only two employees because three people have resigned and they couldn’t find any substitute. Anyway.

cat prints

Because of this job, my creativity has been a little bit discontinuous. I can’t think of anything else but drawing all the time but when I come back home my brain feels like a pudding or scrambled eggs and it takes me a while to regain clarity.

Again, I know I may sound exaggerated! I was able to make a few new illustrations that you can find as cat prints on my Etsy shop or as customizable items on my Redbubble and Zazzle shops.

I also made this prints

This is available for instant download on my Etsy shop only. I am a huge lover of books and I have been making bookmarks for myself and for my friends for a long time. For some reason, I never thought about selling them. I’m bad at marketing myself, that’s the reason.

Spring has finally here, and it was about time since it’s almost summer. I know it won’t be technically summer for another month, but In Italy, the summer season is usually considered to start in June. The temperature rises so much that we all go to the lake or the pool. It’s been raining heavily for many days, now finally the skies are clear and nature is making us the gift of wonderful sunsets.

I’m a morning person and I like dawn and the energy that there is around mornings, but sunsets have something so peaceful. They are dreamy and relaxing, especially when you live in the country. The silence it’s incredible.

How do people survive in tiny apartments in the city while working ten hours behind the closed doors of an office, I ask. I used to live like that. How did I survive?

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