Fuck that: an honest meditation.

I found this meditation a few years ago, on a day in which I felt very similar to how I feel today. I don’t feel well at all, or at least I didn’t, now I’m better. I remember well that day; I was browsing YouTube for a quick meditation against anxiety when I stumbled on this one.

As I read the title ‘fuck that: an honest meditation’ I thought ok, this must be bullshit, but it’s probably funny. So I clicked, and I watched it. And I laughed hard. So I watched it again, and I laughed hard again.

I shared it online many times, and every time there is someone new who sees it for the first time who confirms to me how brilliant this is.

Last night I didn’t sleep at all, my brain was possessed by worry and anxiety. It could be PMS, but it’s also that I have a few issues to solve and that I am exhausted.

So this morning I woke up, went running errands, bought groceries, paid bills, all feeling like a hamster on a wheel.

I came back home, had lunch in silence, feeling horrible. Then I asked myself the magic question ‘what do I want?’ I want to relax, rest, and I want to laugh. I knew exactly what to do!

Enjoy ‘Fuck that: an honest meditation’. Works like magic for me, even after the millionth time.