The Ikea Catalogue.

Who doesn’t have at last ONE copy of an Ikea catalogue? Until a few years ago, I had all the copies from the previous 15 years.

When I lived in Milan, in an apartment I hated, interior design magazines and the Ikea catalogue were my brief escapes.

The digital age marked the death of so many of my beloved interior magazines, some with more than fifty years of publishing history. Sadly, the Ikea catalogue won’t be published in paper anymore. Not being a magazine but a marketing tool, it will still be published online, in a digital and slightly different version.

Browsing searching for some eye candy today, I discovered the Ikea Museum website. Did you know you can consult ALL catalogues from the fifties to the last one published? I spent way too much time flipping out on the copies from the sixties and the seventies. When design was FUN.

The pictures below are from the 1974 edition, who was the first one where the pictures were styled as ‘real homes’, the one thing that made Ikea stores so successful (besides being extremely affordable of course)

Ikea kitchen1974
Ikea catalogue

Go over to Ikea museum and have some fun traveling back in time!

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