Where illustrators work.

When I feel completely lost, sad and uninspired like today, I look at other people at work. I often need to remember what brought me to change my life’s direction completely. It’s the feeling of magic I feel looking at other artists’ drawings, the magic I feel looking at their workspaces. An artist’s studio is as fascinating as a museum to me. It’s a sacred space and I feel a sort of reverence. Just looking at the pictures of where these illustrators work, which are from a post on the Guardian I read quite often, I remember to ask myself the magic question ‘what do I want?’.


Where illustrators work

Right now my workspace is a mess. I used to have an entire room, even if rather small, dedicated to my creative experiments and drawing. Since my mother came to live with me it became her bedroom, and I now do everything from a tiny corner in my cramped bedroom. The house is small, but I’d never change it, anyway. What it lacks more than anything is storage space. It is very badly organized but I’m slowly fixing this. I will be always working from a corner in my bedroom, but it will hopefully become more inspiring, like where the illustrators in these pictures work.

The only problem is juggling all these projects together while maintaining my mental balance, haha. (hence all these blogposts all of a sudden)

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